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This is the official website for The Ryugiya, or 流儀屋. This business exists to sell kimono in new ways, so that kimono can survive long into the future. 

I've recently begun to develop a first of it's kind kimono course, one that will teach kimono dressing or "kitsuke" in a whole new way. It's designed to break the most basic concepts of kimono dressing down so that they are more accessible to the average person. I'm creating it to be do-able world wide, and it makes a great primer for taking more traditional classes in your local city. If you're interested in participating in the beta testing phase, please fill out this form: . Since the course is in beta-testing, I won't charge you any money. Future iterations of the course will cost an affordable fee. 

Some exciting new developments have happened in this business! Finally, the business name "The Ryugiya" has been registered with the Australian Government. It is a composite of the Japanese word for "Style" or "Fashion" and "Shop". But oddly enough, together these characters make the word, "ritual". I've grown to love the ritual of getting dressed in kimono, So, I feel this is a very fitting name. :) 

The change of name means that all social media accounts have also changed their names. Please, come follow the business!

On each of these accounts I like to publish updates about what the business is doing, what new products are being developed, and fun photos of outfits. :) This is a great way of finding out where The Ryugiya will set up shop next. :) 

The new logo was created by modifying an existing image of a dragon, editing it till it looked less scary and rugged, to looking more gentle, refined, and human. In both Chinese and Japanese culture, dragons are positive creatures that sometimes bless people with wealth and health. I hope The Ryugiya will be a blessing to everyone who purchases from it. 

The Ryugiya now has an Etsy store! Please come see it at I offer multiple options for every kimono, yukata and obi. People who are unable to learn how to put on kimono can pay a little more so that the kimono or yukata will be pre-sewn either into a skirt and top which will look just like a normal kimono when worn, or with the ohashori fold sewn in so that the wearer needn't form it as they put the outfit on. Obi will be turned into wide belts or tsuke obi. 

Contact us through if you have any questions, requests, complaints or suggestions. The comment section below is mostly there for fun. free website promotion Search Engine MarketingSubmit Express The Ryugiya (Kimono),Vintage Clothing Store,Mulgrave,VIC

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