This business is founded on Christian values. These values include compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12).

Respecting all people (1 Peter 2:17) is also very important to this business. This means that all customers can expect to be treated with dignity regardless of  race, gender, sexuality, political affiliation, age, ability, creed, faith or for any other aspect of their life. It is greatly appreciated if all customers could likewise behave in a respectful manner towards one another. Any issues with conduct should be reported back to Shona.s.m.mccarthy@gmail so they can be dealt with as soon as possible. 

Ecology (Genesis 2:15) and ethics (Micah 6:8) are important to this business. While some products currently sold by this business are currently mass-produced, the movement towards ethical clothing is considered to be a high priority. So, as many mass-produced products as possible will be phased out over time. 

This business is strongly opposed to cultural appropriation. One of the key driving values of this business is to help non-Japanese people better understand kimono, and to protect kimono from going extinct. This means giving the creators of a garment the acknowledgement they deserve. It is the goal of this business to encourage mutual respect between people of all races (Revelation 7:9). 


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